The original website was built using Square Space. Whilst our SEO work got Pick Me Locksmith to the second place on page 1 of Google the Square Space platform just didnt have the SEO capabilities to get to position so we had to redesign and rebuild in WordPress.


The strategy was quite simple as the existing website performed reasonably well so we simply needed to replicate the existing content and enhance it with the additional SEO capabilities that came with WordPress.


As above our approach was to replicate and enhance the existing content. To keep costs minimised we used a WordPress template allowing us to focus the investment more on the SEO!  Note we are currently, a few years later, starting a full redesign so watch this space!


See the full locksmith website for Pick Me locksmith in the Midlands…

In support of their locksmiths services we created many landing pages including locksmith Derby, locksmith Tamworth, locksmith Swadlincote, locksmith Burton on Trent, locksmith Lichfield, locksmith Sutton Coldfield to name but a few.

The Process

Getting the process right gets the website & SEO right!

Case Studies

During autumn / winter 2020 we will be adding more case studies. Here are just a few.