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Locksmith? Not getting online results?

Locksmith? Not getting online results?

Come and talk to us about improving your website ranking with our expert SEO services.

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The SEO agency market is complicated and tough to find the right people for you. That’s where we come in!

Our team at Websites for Locksmiths has spent many years developing a deep understanding of SEO that has been further honed working with many locksmiths.

Understanding your locksmith customers AND being committed to helping you grow yours enables us to combine our SEO expertise and stand out from the market in ethical SEO.

Expert SEO Services for Locksmiths

Local SEO

Local SEO is the way to make sure your business is found by the people and companies looking for your services and products in your area.

Our team work hard to optimise your on-site (Website) and off-site (social media / business directories / sector backlinks etc) brand presence for SEO. We work with you to ensure everything is up-to-date and accurate, giving your local business the best chance for success and lead generation.

Typically for existing websites you will need an initial audit to understand both the technical and content SEO of your website and key search terms for your sector. Ie we need to understand what your potential clients are searching for. We then optimise your website content for the key search terms to get the basics right. You then need a monthly support package to continually develop and optimise your website and move your ranking both higher up and for more local search terms.

You should therefor budget for between 1 to 3 days work for the initial work (7 to 20 hours). However, if you are on a smaller budget, you can go straight to monthly plan but it will take longer to see the results.

There is never any guarantee with local SEO as much is dependent on how good your competitors SEO is and how big their budget is. However, we have never failed yet to get a client’s key search terms(s) onto page one of Google, most cases in the top 3 and many cases the top position.

National SEO

With national SEO our focus is mostly based around optimising content for non-location based key search terms for your products and services. The process is very similar to local SEO except without localised content.

National SEO is more about brand presence, social media engagement and paid advertising (social) supported by very good on-site SEO. The on-site SEO will include blogs / industry news where applicable, direction to the marketing team on content creation as well as on-site optimisation of content.

We also look for long tail search term optimisation to grab ranking opportunities for specific / more complex search terms that your competitors may not focus on.

With national SEO it is vital to understand that brand presence, off-site paid and free marketing together with deep back-linking campaigns are critical to achieving good rankings in search engines. The costs and effort are higher but so are the rewards!

There is never any guarantee with National SEO as much is dependent on your competitors SEO quality and depth, how big their budget is, their existing brand presence, social media and backlink network.

3 Great Value SEO packages

Note that we are just finalising our 2022 plans and more details on each package will be available in November.

SEO Starter

  • Great for SEO maintenance
  • Keeps SEO in good shape
  • Technical monitoring & fixes
  • Link management
  • Core search terms
  • Content kept fresh

Growth Plan

  • Active SEO Plan with Off-site SEO
  • Core SEO developed
  • Deep technical optimisation
  • Link development
  • Long tail search terms
  • New SEO content for existing pages


  • Active SEO Plan with Off-site SEO ++
  • Competitor monitoring
  • Deep technical optimisation
  • Link development ++
  • Long tail search terms ++
  • New SEO Content

We also offer addition bolt on SEO services that can be deployed tactically as required and needed for individual circumstances.

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